Thommy Kane

My name is Thomas J Abate III, but I am known by all as Thommy Kane.

I am a writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, publisher, composer, songwriter, musician and actor. I acted in the movie Waist Deep with Tyrese Gibson and Megan Good. I wrote and directed the movie New Shoes. I was a signed Hip Hop artist for many years under the rap name Poverty, getting a huge $1.5 million deal in 2002, by the Billionaire mogul Ted Field, who had previously owned and founded Interscope Records. After having a long career of doing hip-hop, I started writing for other bands and artists all throughout the industry, starting with the band Crazy Town.

I now spend all my time writing films and recording songs with the intent to sell to the artists. I have a huge catalogue of completed film scripts and songs. I am also the president of Kane Publications, and we are now the proud new publishers of Food & Travel Magazine. I have an 8 year old son, who is my joy and the reason I breathe. I am a Leo, I love watching films, I love animals and I am a firm believer that anybody can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.